About Us

Elementiad, Inc.

Elementiad, Inc. is a privately held company based in New Hampshire and New York, USA. Our philosophy is that games and stories can be fun even when grounded in math, science, technology, and engineering. We create educational entertainment for diverse audiences across a broad age group. Our beautifully illustrated stories and games are crafted with a strong sense of humor. Our products emphasize building teams to make cool things and have fun.

Our Team

Founded in 2019 by a small group of technologists, writers, and an artist, Elementiad, Inc. is majority-owned and run by women and primary care-givers of school-age children. Our work styles fit into the real life circumstances of contributors. Whenever possible, we use Made-in-USA materials and products.

Pat Redding Scanlon, Illustrator

Family first! Pat Redding Scanlon lives in Queens, NYC, USA with her tattooed Irish architect husband and an artistic pre-teen daughter. Her sequential storytelling background began with zines and underground comix, led to Marvel then newspaper comic strips, paperback books and animation. As a mom working from home, she runs a vintage Etsy shop, crafts patchwork quilts, makes comics/illustrates books, and designs t-shirts, logos, caricatures, tattoos, games, fonts and holiday cards.

Amy Kohtz, CEO

Amy Kohtz has been co-founding and operating technology startups since 1999. Kohtz planned and managed cyber security projects for DARPA's Cyber Fast Track funding program. At White Ops, Inc., Kohtz led the 2014 and 2015 Bot Baseline report projects. Kohtz created Peach Mountain Friends while learning to parent three children in NYC and Portsmouth, NH.

Sean Hastings, Director

Sean Hastings (born 1969) is an entrepreneur and security expert. Sean has renovated a house (with the help of the spouse) to the level of doing all the carpentry, plumbing, and electrical. One of Sean's fondest memories is meeting Deep Blue. Sean and Jo Hastings have a brave, smart funny daughter who is passionate about science. Sean is best known for being the founding CEO of HavenCo, the world's first formal data haven.

Jo Hastings, Dana Dash CXO

A member of the Elementiad board of directors, Jo Hastings is the Dana Dash Brand Experience Officer. Hastings is a commercial real estate finance professional, Series 79 and 63 licensed. Hastings has a unique blend of commercial real estate and technology skills.

About S.S. Hudson

S. S. Hudson is a pseudonym for person or persons, wishing to disguise their ethnicity, politics, race, religion, sex, species, and anything else interesting, so as not to distract from simple good intentions of making math, science, engineering, and technology interesting for girls, and boys, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.