Teams are for work and play

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Teams are for work and play

When it comes to working hard at having fun, everyone needs a crew.

The Peach Mountain Friends like to have fun together. They help each other out as much as they can to multiply the fun. In the summer, Monkey tries hard to get as many peaches as possible, to share. When the weather is cold, Cat and Hannah invent new games to play with their friends. When all the peaches are gone for the year, Sid makes new recipes for tasty treats.

The friends know that they can have fun as long as they can find each other on Peach Mountain.

Peach Mountain Friends: The Peach Orchard Project card game practices the essential skill of building up a crew and having fun together. The Peach Mountain Friends make cool things and get as many peaches as possible in The Peach Orchard Project. Pre-order the Peach Orchard Project for kids ages 4-12 to start a mindset of team-building for all projects -- work and fun. Orders ship September 1.

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