Stories with meaning

Stories with meaning

Having fun is a major part of the plan in the Elementiad Universe. We work hard at having fun, taking breaks, and being great friends.

Elementiad Inc. is a startup media company, majority-owned and run by women and primary care-givers of school-age children. Our mission is to produce books and games with the focus of encouraging girls in the STEM disciplines. To this end we have just published the first book in a new series, “Dana Dash - First Girl on the Moon.” It can be best described as a feminist, science fiction, Harry Potter novel, where there is a strange school teaches super advanced science. The rationale for this school’s existence is that all the genius women, excluded from maths and sciences over the centuries, got together to form their own secret society, and they are way way ahead of the men.

We're working hard to bring meaningful stories and characters to life. Through these stories and games, the plan is to model diversity and inclusion, systematic and meta-systematic thinking, and how to have fun even when working to achieve something great. 

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