Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins. Dana Dash.

Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins. Dana Dash.

Dear Reader,

If you don’t mind, I’ll skip over the yada yada appeals to your vanity and pick up in the middle of what we might be saying if we, perhaps, met at a cocktail party. One of the more boring ones, where we were both trying to blend into the wall.

… “Why yes, gender bias in science and tech is rampant! No surprise there, we all know what a problem it is in other fields such as the media.”

“Oh the creative fields are just terrible too. It’s such an uphill battle. But what can one do about it?”

“Well, some technologists, writers, and artists I know, got around it by starting our own media company, Elementiad Inc. Then we wrote Dana Dash: First Girl on the Moon. It’s feminist science fiction for kids-- think Harry Potter but Hermione is in charge and there’s real science. Elementiad wants to show kids that science is fun. Science is magic. Science is for girls. Plus robot-alien fights because that’s why you write a book, right? 

“Robot-alien fights, definitely the world needs more of those. Where can I read your book?”

And then, I would hand you a copy of Dana Dash - First Girl on the Moon, which of course I carry with me at all times. It’s a book with some kick-ass girls and some kick-ass real science. (Because it’s a book for young adults we don’t actually say ‘kick-ass’, but since you, dear reader, are presumably a grownup, we can. 

We are big, big fans of YOU. We would love it if you read our book. If you think this is a book more girls and boys should read, we would love any support you feel comfortable providing!

Erin C. Tolman
Editor, Dana Dash series

Amy Kohtz-Tiffany
CEO, Elementiad Inc.


To help us out in our mission to resolve gender inequality and tell great stories, we would appreciate it if you could:

Thank you!


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