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Dana Dash

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Seaborg the Elementalist: Seaborgium

One of the first Elementalists, and one of the fiercest, Seaborg is never found by humans on Earth. This elusive Elementalist battles formidably with disastrous radioactive effects on challengers.

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Play with Meaning

Seriousness and playfulness are not mutually exclusive.

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Introducing the Peach Mountain Friends

Troublemakers. Inventors. Discoverers.

Math, science, and play

The Elementalists find, select, and create tools as needed to reach their goals of getting peaches or winning tournaments and having fun.

Stories with Meaning

Having fun is a major part of the plan for The Peach Mountain Friends and the Elementalists. The Elementalists work hard at having fun, taking breaks, winning challenges, and being great friends (or fiercest adversaries).

Oh, the Tools

Monkey's staff can change into different tools -- for example a needle, catapult, or rake. Monkey and friends get into trouble and silly situations a lot. These are often caused by Monkey's maniacal pursuit of other people's peaches.

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