The Elementals are here.

You have the Elementals -- do you have what it takes to combine attacks with your magical Elemental Familiars to win the game?

Aim for the Moon

Orbital mechanics: It’s complicated! Find out if Dana Dash and her friends can figure out the math in time. A great book for road trips or the beach!

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The Elements of Nature

Discover the magic and science of a world of magical elements -- tiny and huge, light and heavy, from translucent to all colors of the rainbow.

Join the Fray

Meet the Peach Mountain Friends

Join the friends with kids age 2-4 and 4-6 for adventures, mischief, and fun. Stay tuned while Monkey, Cat, Sid Niels Bohr and Hannah build a crazy contraption using basic circuits and simple machines, plan an electric tea party, and learn to count to 10 -- in binary.

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Dana Dash: First Girl on the Moon

Reviews for Dana Dash: First Girl on the Moon

I like it because it's very twisty and turny. I'm not a very scientific person and I still love the Dana Dash book.

Vanessa, Age 9

Just finished the book. I loved it. I think it depicts women as scientists in a favorable way. It could inspire girls to think about a career in science.

Loved this! An engaging read for kids and adults alike, especially the science-inclined. As an avid fan of both science fiction and science fact, this book is right up my alley. Eager for the sequel!